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Not a cop out at all, pretty sure responsible parents are very aware that their children will defy them, this doesn't stop them from educating their children to be able to make good choices.
Like watching Mick Foley perform stunts that could possibly kill themselves trying to replicate?

Its funny, but even Foleys wife wouldnt let her kids see what their father was allowing somebody to do to him. Yet, had no problem cashing in a paycheck signed my Vince McMahon. You can only blame parenting for so much and I, imo, consider it a cop out to allow such things as having somebody throw you off of a 16 foot cage or having somebody beat a concussion into you with 15 chair shots to your head and consider yourself a role model to those same children who were crying hysterically when somebody hand cuffed you and hit you repeatedly in the head with an unworked chair. Its a fine line but considering those same parents who should be watching everything their kids do had no problems buying toys for those same kids who watched the product.

And, considering Vince has changed his brand to universally accept kids and cater to them, its obvious somebody took responsiblity for those same kids who were jumping off of buildings and slamming their friends into thumb tacks. WWE distanced themselves from such garbage wrestling and rightly so.

But again, the main cog in the whole garbage wrestling into the main stream wheel was Mick Foley.

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