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12-12-2003, 09:19 AM
RIP Andy B.
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Originally Posted by swflyers8

Is this guy for real? Does he not know what type of players he has on his team? He has a guy on his team that seriously injured two players and a few more of them are cheap shot artists. Give me a break Burns.
cry me a river. i feel so bad for the Devils and Mr. Burns i really do.(sarcasm noted) hey Burns here is a freaking tissue ya big baby.
But Burns has pulled this crap everywhere he has been Montreal,Boston ect.
he is the biggest whiner in the NHL next to Pat Quinn.
and we are all to believe that the Devils have 20 players on there club that would never do anything to gain an edge no matter what. simply unbelievable.
Here is an idea Burns worry about your own club. focusing on our style of play just make you look what everyone knows what you are. a whiner.

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