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Originally Posted by IHeartZherdev View Post
Exactly. I'm so puzzled by the Lou to Toronto idea. That'd be like the Jackets trading for him. It could make them a fringe team at best.

The NY Rangers have been a UFA destination and have always landed the biggest names - and their brightest spots are always the guys like Krieder, Callahan, McDonough, and the Redden, Gomez, Drury, and soon to be Brad Richard's are the guys who never end up being worth it.

The problem was that Burke didn't go full rebuild and couldn't go all out to win now, so he ended up stuck in neutral. The right thing to do is either go with Reimer or trade for Bernier or someone you think can be good now AND for the future.

If you believe Gardiner, Kadri, and the guy drafted last year are the core- well, Bobby Lou will be 38 when those guys are hitting their stride. And you'll need goaltending again, but will be stuck with him on the books.
The Leafs only get secondary crap free agents. Of course the team wasn't going to play well. The Leafs will never get top free agent with mediocre at best goaltending. Getzlaf or Perry are not signing in TO with Reimer as the starter. The Leafs have zero prospects that will be that good. So yes, free agency can be good for a team.

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