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01-12-2013, 11:02 PM
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Here are the results of the trade vote. 22 GMs voted. 4 points were assigned to a 1st place vote, 3 points were assigned to a 2nd place vote, 2 points were assigned to a 3rd place vote, and 1 point was assigned to a last place vote. As you can see, it was ridiculously close, and only a handful of GMs voting differently could have resulted in any of the options winning.
  • Option 3 (trading with loose restrictions): 59 points
  • Option 1 (no trading): 55 points
  • Option 4 (unlimited trading): 54 points
  • Option 2 (trading with tight restrictions): 52 points

So loose restrictions wins. Hopefully, we can have a civil (and short) discussion about what that exactly means.

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