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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
BSL, does management have to do it on purpose for it to be considered tanking? Because if you think this was Gauthier's masterplan I think you might be giving him a bit too much credit.
I think it was PG's decision not to make trades of picks and youth for NHL payers to push us up in the standings at the deadline last year, and it was intentional. He did this on purpose, yes. It was the correct decision, and we have Gally to show for it. We 'tanked', and I'm damn glad of it.

Further, if we are out of it this year by the deadline, we should do the same, and more:

I love Cole, but he has huge value to a contending club this year, and might get us a first this summer. If he wants to retire after this year, he might want to win a cup too. He will not be in our 2015-16 first contending year in any case. Don't make the Souray ****up again.

Gomer might get a 3rd-5th pick if he's playing decently. Maybe even a 2nd. He would be a good addition to a contending club this year if he is in shape. A cup winner, and a popular player. Do it. Make the trade.

Gionta. This is a tough one, as he is the Captain, and it's classless to trade him. I would say no, unless he wants a chance at a cup, and we get a 1st. But if he is willing, do it. Realistically, this will not happen, but it should be explored if we are really **** again.

Kaberle: Not much hope here, doubt a contender will want him, but injuries may force them to act if they need some PP offense.

If so, trade him for a 3rd to 5th, and be happy.

Be Sammy Pollock. Load up on picks for nothing and grin. Build with no pain.

Get every single pick you can, do it, and do it this year. This is the last year we can do this. With development of young players, a good trade or two, and one or two smart UFA picks, we will be too good in 2014-2015 to do this again.

This is our last 'Tank' year. We had better act.

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