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01-13-2013, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by DuckTech View Post
I saw it, and I really liked it. (Tech portion of the name coming out) The HFR is actually on a 4k-2k projector (twice the pixels of 1080P - 1920x1080 * 2) The detail from this alone is awesome. The motion is better too and the 3d of the higher frame rate makes things look more fluid. I did find that some of the CG seemed more unrealistic because everything else looks so much more clean. It makes the CG portions seem like a 5 year old video game cut scene - good but you know it isn't real and it does detract from the movie experience for me at least. As a guy that owns an AV company I think the better resolution will catch on in homes and higher frame rate already has.
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