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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
There certainly is a market for a goaltender. Chicago needs one, Toronto needs one, to say the least, probably a few more when you get into details.

The problem with your post is, nobody can really say whether there's a "small market for a goalie" or "large market for a goalie"... as at any time, the market can increase or decrease.

GMs absolutely understand the desirability of their players on the trade market... they don't have the ability to predict the future though, as in doing so, they impact the market today to balance the probability of it going up or down.

Having a goalie who reduces his workload substantially decreases his value. Having a goalie who fails to live up to the potential that gave him his past value, will see decreased value.

If Bozak straight up was the deal, that would be OK from a Leaf standpoint. My point with regards to Bozak is that he's not going to be the piece. From Vancouver's perspective, he's not substantially different enough from Connolly to justify the fact that for Bozak, it would have to be straight up, for Connolly, Vancouver could satisfy some substantial future needs with Kadri+.
This makes no sense.

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