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01-13-2013, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by JWINK19 View Post
OK, because all you hear is that Schneider's the man now and they have to move Luongo. With such a compressed schedule, they are better off keeping both and then waiting to see what happens this summer.
That's a really good point. Luongo could get through this year as a backup. The Canucks could have a good season. Then deal with the goalie thing in the summer, maybe even stick with Luongo and deal Schneider depending on how the season goes.


What if the Canucks have problems with two number one goalies? What if the room fragments? Nobody seems to be giving any credence to this happening because Luongo and Schneider got along so well before, but it's not like there was a serious goalie controversy in Vancouver until the playoffs. And let's remember that the Canucks blew apart in the playoffs. I know everyone's crediting the Kings for that, and they did win the Cup, but still. The Canucks were first overall, and they went out very, very meekly in the first round. It's not hard to see things going off the rails this year early on, especially with a key leader like Kesler out, and controversy blowing up around the goalie issue.

Luongo also usually starts very slow. What if Schneider has a rough stretch, too? Then the rumours start about both players having problems with the questions about who's the real number one and the team implodes. It very well could happen. It's happened a lot before. It's similar to quarterback controversies in the NFL, which never end well unless the guy unseated gets moved fast. Hard to compare it to the NHL, because generally starting goalies don't suddenly get replaced by their backups. Or when they do, the former starter is traded really fast. Like with Fuhr in Toronto way back when Potvin came on big very suddenly.

It's a risk waiting. It's a risk making a move on a Luongo trade now, too, if the offers aren't great. To me, though, it's smarter to make the deal right now and clear the air before the season starts. That way, at least it's done, and Gillis rids himself of a huge potential problem that may make him look awful if the Canucks have problems this season and wind up missing the playoffs or going out in the first round again. The Canucks need help in a few areas, and nobody ever wins by waiting around to make a deal to move such a big player like Luongo.

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