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01-13-2013, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
I'm assuming market factors are negligible. Teams might become more desparate for goaltending help, and teams might become less desparate. None of us, Gillis, or Nonis, are in a qualified position to say with certainty which will happen.

What is certain, is that as long as Luongo's role is reduced, so will his value.

As for cap space, I wasn't factoring it in, but I'm really not sure how you can objectively think that next year is going to help that situation. On the eve of training camp, there are presently 7 teams who couldn't add Luongo (without subtracting anyone from the roster), one of which is the team he's on. The agent pool probably has less than $40m league-wide to be added for this year.

what does the position that team's are in now (on the eve of training camp) have to do with what position they'll be in next season? You do realize that there's a season and an offseason to make trades and do buyouts?

The Canucks have gone into several seasons in a row now where they apparently didn't have cap space, yet seem to be adding $4mill+ players each season. They were able to trade salary quite easily to make that fit. Philly has been over the cap for how many seasons? Didn't seem to stop them from finding ways to deal contracts and sign huge deals like Bryzgalov, or give a gigantic offer sheet to another player.

Teams have always found ways to manufacture cap space.. why would that change all of a sudden?

With that said, maybe you're right. Maybe the Canucks should just deal Luongo for a return that makes them a worse team now, even though they're trying to contend for a Cup now... who knows maybe the world ends next year and we get no return for Luongo?

Like I said before, I'd rather hold on to him and risk getting a crappier return in a year, than get a crappy return now. If the return doesn't improve the Canucks chances at a Cup this year, or gives them a substantial boast in future assets (which they can use in other trades to improve their chances this year), there's just zero point in moving him now. Absolute worst case, you just waive him next year and let him go to Columbus (there's no way he's going to pass through waivers for free - even Toronto would pick him up at just a waiver cost), while keeping him this year, when your team is playing in 7 back to back games and 48 games over a course of just 3 1/2 months.. this is a perfect scenario where 2 top goalies will have a bigger impact on a team... and that impact is likely to be considerably higher than adding some marginal 3rd/4th liner to this team.

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