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06-16-2006, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach
Well, the wax adds a coating to the tape the keep the water from soaking into the tape.

You see, tape has a certain type of gum (Glue) that helps the tape stick to the Stick. Water is the worlds best cleaner. The water, if it gets into the tape, will emulsify (break down) the gum in the tape and the tape falls off.
Head coach
Havn't seen a problem with the tape actually falling off the blade or even getting loose but I see what you are saying and how it could happen it does get soggy some times and deffinetly would add a bit of weight I also notice the laminate on my wood blades warping or bubbling and the bottom of the blade almost rotting some times and i notice the bottom of the blade is where I always have problems for instance a crack will start at the bottom going diagonal towards the heel... But this problem should be solved now that I have the Synergy and the composite blade should not soak up water (at all?) anyway good tips Head Coach thank you

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