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01-13-2013, 02:42 AM
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Originally Posted by ReaallMunson18 View Post
When I switched from offense to defense the first thing I learned was to remember that I was the last line of defense (no one is behind me to stop them from getting to the net). On offense you try to stick handle around people and lose the puck, you have your defense to stop them. On defense you try that and it's a breakaway or odd man rush etc. It's a lot more detrimental to turn the puck over on defense as it is on offense. So keep it simple. This kinda goes under the category of pinching. You better be sure that you are getting the puck if your pinching.
I would also say one thing I had to be aware of when I was switching from wing to D was that you really need to be aware of the middle of the ice. You obviously don't want to be cleanly beaten wide by the puck carrier, but it's usually much worse if you let someone beat you to the inside. It's actually probably ideal to bait him to go wide but make sure that you're in position to keep him to the outside.

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