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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
lol nice pun (if u ment it on kingdom) if u ment it as some sorta insult nice attempt (NOT)
Pun not intended and not really intending to insult. I explained why that doesn't work for us.

The kings and stars have made trades before (norstrom comes to mind) aging Norstrom who played one more season and then retired. Big difference between Benn and Norstrom.

Again voynov fills ur defenseman needs As for ur centers
I noticed Voynov is in the <6" range. We have 4 such d-men. No thanks on that.

i would think you aquired derek roy to play the 1st center spot
You would, and you'd be wrong...unless Benn's game regresses severely. Regardless of whether Benn plays 1c or 2c, Roy's a UFA and if he doesn't re-sign this off-season, we're screwed if we do this deal....royally (Pun intended!).

and lokti is capable of playing the second line spot.
And so we wait until this chicken hatches while another season wastes away without a playoff spot? Maybe two more seasons? How about three? Good for you as a division rival, but not for us, eh?

I also see Faska maybe close as well
As of now, his projection is 2nd line center and he's a good 2-3 years from playing in the NHL (conservative projection).

Yes its a little downgrade
OBVIOUSLY! Then why does JN do this if he wants to keep his job?

but if u can't sign him
We will sign him.

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