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01-13-2013, 02:54 AM
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Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
Is the home opener a silver game (as stated earlier)? I was expecting at least a gold, so a silver would be a pleasant surprise
Well the tickets that we received in the mail were those ones you get when you get buy tickets from or in this cased - not the fancy ones with players or fans or team logos pictured on it that we get in our season ticket package every season. The fancy tickets usually have whatever price level listed on them - Gold, Silver, Bronze and Value - by listing the price. Our "" tickets just list "SEASONS" under the price level. No price at all.

Now that the complete schedule is out, the variable pricing structure is out and there are just four price levels - Gold, Silver, Bronze and Value. It breaks down like this - 5 Gold Games - 15 Silver Games - 1 Bronze (only one? at least make it three for say a hat-trick - you can add two Silver games.) and 3 Value games. My tickets in the one of the two cheapest areas (300 Level IV where Miller/Enroth defend our net twice) are worth the following: $29 for Value - $39 for Bronze - $53 for Silver and $64 for Gold. As a season ticket holder - we just pay I think $24 or $25 per game.

So to answer your question - the home opener is a ....damn, I don't know - its not listed anywhere on the Sabres website as to what games are what - not on the press release promoting the schedule/variable pricing structure for this season is out or the complete schedule that the press release links too. LOL! My guess, its a Silver game and not a Gold one. Give the fans a slight discount on the opener - have Toronto/Montreal and one Pittsburgh game be the Gold ones. Who knows maybe its the lone Bronze game? Have that as a "cheaper" level game would be a nice answer as to why theres only one Bronze game.

Edit: I see that in the schedule (which is linked to in the press release) has a RESULTS column and since there are no RESULTS yet, they list Tickets for every home and you click on that and thats where you can order tickets and that will tell what price is what by the prices listed for the game. Unfortunately that now links to the variable pricing structure for the 2010-2011 season! LOL!

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