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01-13-2013, 02:58 AM
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Originally Posted by YearsintheWilderness View Post
How utterly bizarre! Not only do you have to pay to be on a wait list but they try to create a strange little subculture and sense of honour at having coughed up money for the privilege of waiting to sit in their cramped, under-sized seats sometime in the future.

What is it, 50 bucks for the privilege of being on the wait list? Damn, that's more than I spent going to a handful of Jets games back in the day.

But hey, you have the opportunity to purchase some over-priced book before anyone else! How thrilling!

As far as NHL fan-suckers go, Winnipeg is in a realm all its own!
Well a few months back I wrote a very evidence-based, logical retort on why it's not only fine morally for them to do this, but dumb economically for them to NOT do this... Especially when there is a willing market for it who do find the utility to be within their values of it...

but instead this time I'm going to go for another route...

Wah. The current economical landscape doesn't cater to my sentimentality... They are so greedy for wanting me to pay money but I'm not greedy to want it for free.

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