Thread: News Article: Leblanc's struggles in Hamilton
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01-13-2013, 05:13 AM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
after reading the article I came away with the impression that the writer was trying to defend a " french prospect because he was french in an english team" they should give our boy a break and let him play all the 1st line time he wants. Sure he will get more points and look a lot better.
The second thought that came to me is that MB asked that all the prospects learn the habs way of playing hockey. Hard love right now to end up with the best chance to make the Habs in the future. Overall I am not sure what this is about, just an attempt to stirp up **** in the papers or the first quick look at what is going on behind the door in hamilton.
Pacioretty told them too that he needed top 6 minutes. Or to keep him in the AHL, which is fine. For Leblanc too. Just play him top 6 in the AHL.

Originally Posted by FireBergevin View Post
Well one thing's for sure. If his name were Lou White the article would be about how much of a disappointment he is.
Nice name. Fire Bergevin... I like Burkie too, but he's just been fired. You should cheer for the Leafs. Maybe they could hire Roy.

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