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01-13-2013, 05:16 AM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
To add to this, there hasn't been a board-wide discussion on draft rules in years, if there ever was. ATD2011 was a gong show leading up to the draft (everyone who was there knows what happened), and ATD2012 was rushed to start a week early without any real discussion of the rules. I don't remember how the rules were set before then, but I don't remember any real discussion ever.

And every single draft there are problems and GMs complain either about the rules, or about things that could have easily been prevented if we talked about the rules.

Hopefully, this upcoming draft runs smoothly and we can use the same rules (or only make minor tweaks) in future drafts. And hopefully, there will be much less complaining during the actual draft because everyone who wants to has had input into the rules.
I feel like the ATD is something that is enjoyable and important enough that we should try to do it in a professionnal matter.A community/society that is structured and organized is always a superior one and things tend to run more smoothly because of it.Of course , every community/society that ever existed took time to evolve.I feel like we're getting there.The voting process was quite messy this year , but I feel like we did a giant step towards a more structured system.

We now have voted on a couple of things , and we'll see the results in the next few months.I hope the draft will run smoothly , but even a smooth draft will probably have a couple of problems and we'll try to fix them next year and so on...

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