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Originally Posted by Xref View Post
I'd rather watch the best amateur hockey players in the world compete against each other, and gain that invaluable experience. I believe in growing the sport, and I believe having college kids playing in the Olympics goes a long way towards that goal. The success of the 1980 team had a profound impact on hockey development and awareness in the US. I'll ask: why take that away?

Besides, if all these countries have their best players in the NHL as you say, then I can watch them play in the NHL. Why do I need to watch them play in the Olympics too?
There's no possible way for the Miracle on Ice to ever be repeated. That's why it was such a big deal - because such a scenario will never happen again, from the state of the sport to the state of global politics and current events.

Amateur players already have the U-20 and U-18 World Juniors. Why the hell would anyone want to give them the Olympics too? Especially when the Olympics are the only time the national teams ever have their truly best rosters available.

The World Cup/Canada Cup was a joke of a tournament and has absolutely no appeal to the vast majority of people. The Olympics are the biggest hockey competition in the world. The NHL is meaningless and irrelevant compared to the Olympics.

Why the hell would the IOC give the NHL a dime? They have no reason to, except to keep the NHL from funding a new World Cup of some kind that nobody will care about and will be shooting themselves in the foot because it'll be making hockey irrelevant, while the IOC still makes boatloads of cash off of non-NHL players simply because they are the Olympics and people are going to watch regardless.

It's actually somewhat hilarious that the NHL thinks it's bigger than the Olympics. This is why the NHL will continue to play at the Olympics, no matter how much of a hissy fit Bettman gives just because he's upset that his stupid league is irrelevant in the grand scheme of world sports. He's the IOC's ***** because the IOC doesn't need him as much as he needs the IOC.

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