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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Gomer might get a 3rd-5th pick if he's playing decently. Maybe even a 2nd. He would be a good addition to a contending club this year if he is in shape. A cup winner, and a popular player. Do it. Make the trade.QUOTE]

Gomez actually has negative value. The only way a team would take him is if they received a pick with him or they also want to dump a terrible contract that they would send to us.

He will be here for the remainder of the season and will be bought out at the conclusion of the season. This is virtually set in stone.
I agree with you but I did not want to expand my already long post.

What I did not say is that teams will have two buyouts next year. There is a chance that a contender will want Gomer this year, if he is performing decently, and knowing they can use the buyout next year.

Gomer gets bought out in any case, why not get a 4th pick and let a contender buy him out?

LA comes to mind. They have no other buyout candidates as far as I know.

Gomer himself might in fact rather play for the cup in what will likely be his last NHL season, no?

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