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01-13-2013, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
Disagree with the bolded, based on 2011-12 anyway. Kuba was very good defensively last year.

I don't necessarily disagree with the rest... however, contracts and age and stuff like that don't really matter in this argument (if you followed it the whole way) because I was strictly comparing the 2011-12 Sens to the 2012-13 Sens.

Kuba was exceptional last year, and Methot, pretty much no matter what, will not match that two-way contribution. Not even close imo.

Lats vs Foligno, who knows if Lats can match 2011-12 Foligno.

The 2011-12 Sens, with great contributions from Kuba and Foligno (they overachieved most likely) just squeaked into the playoffs.

Methot and Lats can't match it most likely. Therefore the Sens are in tough to make the playoffs. Add in the Cowen injury and it's not looking good at all.

Hence, the tank plan.
I'm not sure I've heard any hockey person of credibility, including members of the Sens or Panthers organizations, refer to Kuba's play last season as "Exceptional". He was good, and had solid chemistry with Karlsson. But I don't even think it was his best year with the Sens (his first was, IMO). I still think his D was softer last year than when he first arrived.

In terms of comparing this year to last year Sens, you have to take into consideration age. Players's Kuba's age typically see their play degrade year to year, where as d-men Methot's age typically see their play improve. As such, age matter when you are looking forward. Plus, if all you are worring about is maximizing performance in 2012-13, that's not a great long-term plan.

And neither is tanking, which is extremely problematic to actually do without causing a lot of damage to the organization. Coaches get fired, FA's stay away, young players learn to accept losing, fan base become disenchanted, players beging to stress and quibble amongst the turmoil. All that, and then you still have to get lucky to nab a franchise player anyway. We've had two very high picks in the last 5 years, but I'd still take a player we drafted in the teens (Karlsson) ahead of both top 10 guys if given the choice.

Bottom line, Sens aren't going to be a bottom 3 team or top 3 team regardless of the above players, so the idea of tanking or loading up for a Cup run are both not in line with what the team's path is. As such, I think this was the right move long-term.

That said, I'll miss Foligno. He would have been a great third line LWer going forward, especially if he learned to avoid the stupid penalties. All the goalie interference calls were getting ridiculous and cost the team a lot of goals against (and some games).

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