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06-16-2006, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by -_-
wow, your comment couldn't have been more unoriginal, unfunny, obvious, etc... grow up... learn to make joke, not to apply the one you have heard as many times as you can trying to be funny (on the internet)...

hating (bashing) is easy on the internet... i'm tired of it, it is becoming annoying... bonefizzle comment wasn't stupid at all, you might not beleive him but if it's the case you should only ignore him, not throw insults at him or make fun of him... some of you are really lacking testosterone... internet isn't the place to prouve you have testicals... grow up ! (this board was so nice 3 years ago... why has it change ?)
having a bad day? lol

im not here to defend him whatsoever but please guys leave him alone a bit.lollll
you guys are all over him.

usually those kind of threads gets a lot of '' any link?'' and such and sooner or later its beeing closed because its not reliable.

maybe its true maybe its not, that, i dont care cause its kind of fun to read anyway.

i think he was just pointing the fact that there is a lot of trade like this that are just plain false and didnt want to be mean to the poster.

anyway, it would be nice to get muller. i met him once on st-catherine st. he was with his beautiful wife when they had a reunion for the 10th anniversary of the 1993 stanley cup.
he has a nice tatoo of a stanley cup with number 11 on it on the back of his leg. he is very kind and bleeds bleu blanc rouge. id love to have him around for sure.

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