Thread: News Article: Leblanc's struggles in Hamilton
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01-13-2013, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
As if just the thought of you suggesting that Lefebvre isn't intelligent wasn't enough of a farce, the fact that you'd give this article any credibility, to think that the Habs would try to sabotage one of their top prospects' career is completely absurd.

The fact is that Leblanc, injured or not, hasn't been playing well. He should show a heck of a lot more at that level and he doesn't. He loses the puck for nothing, falls for no reasons, rarely drives the net and makes poor decisions on the ice. Have you ever considered that perhaps, the coaching staff feels like ice time, including PP, is earned and not given based on the players' draft ranking?
I didn't realize that you knew Lefebvre so well.

It is just an impression that I have and I openly admitted that I may be wrong. Obviously I don't think they are intentionally sabotaging Leblanc's career.......more like inadvertantly.

If you leave a child to wash the dishes they will do the best that they can. If they happen to drop and break one of them does it automatically mean that they are sabotaging your Sometimes people just aren't capable of doing a job properly despite their best intentions.

All of the evidence so far points to Lefebvre doing a poor job thus far. Is there enough evidence as of yet to prove incompetency....probably not, but you would be foolish not to examine some of the warning flags.

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