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Originally Posted by onice View Post
What am I talking about? You said he looks greedy. If he was greedy he wouldn't leave 8 or 9 million on the table. He would play half-heartedly and collect his money. I hope you understand that subtle distinction but I doubt it. That's one thing.

Another thing, you and a few others on this board know diddly squat about contracts. If Cole retires it doesn't mean he is not respecting his contract. If he leaves the NHL and goes to play in another league THAT is not respecting your contract.

He signed a contract with the Habs. If he plays hockey he has to play with the Habs for the amount of money & number of years they agreed on. THAT doesn't mean he can't retire if he wants. The Habs don't own his life for 4 years.

Now for Cole's contract. A year and half ago he signed with the Habs because they offered him X amount. He sat down with his wife and family and they figured the money was enough to justify moving to another city (hell another country with another language). The league has decided not to respect the contract that Cole and the Habs signed. The lockout was about how much the NHLPA would allow the owners to get away with.

Now that they have an agreement Cole is left with a contract that MAY not be worth as much as the one he signed a year and half ago. He sees making X (what he agreed to) - Y (what the league says they need to roll back). He has all the right in the world to quit if he wants.

Do you get it or are you just another frustrated fan who thinks players are not people but things to entertain him?

so if he were greedy he would play like Gomez

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