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Originally Posted by Maineice11 View Post
Small correction, his flight from Russia is not until January 15th (Tuesday), the devils will be lucky to have him on the ice on Wednesday. That was confirmed by multiple reporters; none of which have heard that the devils gave him permission to do this. Datsyuk was given permission by the red wings to stay in Russia for the All Star Game and then come back, I believe he is flying back on Monday (or he will be in camp Monday). Tom Guilliti (I think that is how you spell his name) of the record (same paper Andrew Gross works for) has it up on his blog of when Kovalchuk will be back.

And, I don't necessarily agree with your opinion, but I do respect. I have never liked Kovalchuk so that may blurr the truth or him, however, I just always felt he was a selfish teammate and it really appeared that he only cared about money. Also, if the Devils and Kovalchuk's agent knew he was coming back, why would they not comment on the situation. Just the whole situation sounded a bit too fishy rather than pieces being taken out of context. However, I would think that if he desperately wanted to stay in Russia he could have retired from the NHL and stayed in the KHL, I am not familiar if there is a time you have to file for retirement. So who knows, only Kovalchuk knows, and when he gets back to the states he will say whatever he has to say to make everyone happy.
I confused the report of Datsyuk being in camp on Monday with Kovy. Still, I think Kovy is a gamer and we just, mostly, hate him because he's a Devil. I also think that Russians still get a bad rep but that's a different issue. Either way, I'd heard Devils fans say that Lou had been in communication with Kovy directly the whole time and the no comment business was just how Lou handles everything. Not sure if I necessarily believe it, but I do believe that it was taken out of context that Kovy ever said he wanted to spend the year over there. People just wanted a story, IMO.

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