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i wanted to address this post earlier, but i got busy and ended up losing the post....
sorry for being late.

Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
You don't get it do you?

It's 2011-12 Kuba vs 2012-13 Methot. Right now I'm not arguing whether or not this is right for long term... I'm arguing whether or not the Sens will be as good as last year.
what about 2012-2013 kuba vs. 2012-2013 methot? 2013-2014?
we have to look at the future in this case. if we apply the logic of looking at right now in deciding whether we win or lose to your spezza trade proposal, we get worse now, therefore lose the trade. will methot be better than kuba last year? i'll be the first to admit i'm very skeptical. you also have too look at each player's situation last season. kuba with karlsson>>methot without karlsson, on the blue jackets when considering last season. kuba with karlsson this season may not be as good due to decline. kuba this season with karlsson might only be slightly better than methot this season with karlsson, due to decline. you, off all people, should understand that players decline as they age.
tl;dr kuba this season isn't kuba last season, he's kuba this season, and a year older. methot might have chemistry with karlsson and form a solid pairing. logic you're applying to judge kuba>>methot means your spezza trade is garbage.

''no idea how his passing and offensive game can develop paired with Karlsson'' - the guy is 27 years old and has never scored more than 17 points in a season including NHL, AHL and major junior. I think we can SAFELY say he is worse offensively than Kuba.
great players make average players look good. methot will look better this season (or next if he's rusty this year) that any other season of his career. i won't say that i've watched methot play, but if he has a good shot, karlsson will get him more goals, and just being paired with karlsson will get you more assists. methot will never be an offensive defenseman, i think everyone knows that. he's here to play well defensively.

I have doubts Methot can match Kuba defensively, but even if he does, he can't match Kuba's two-way contributions at even strength, PP and PK.
kuba plays a defensive game based on positioning and stick work. he has no physical game, so this is all he has. kuba is slowing down. keeping the attackers to the outside, getting to a good spot in the d-zone, and not getting beat on the outside may be more difficult. kuba is like butter out there sometimes, so he can't compensate, or will have a hard time compensating for slowing down by holding up the attacker. i've heard that methot is a solid skater, and is a very solid defensive contributor. i have few doubts that his defensive game will be better than present kuba, future kuba, and maybe even past kuba (i really liked kuba, so that is a compliment to methot).

2 seasons, 3 years. Has hardly played.

The guy has played only 3 relatively full seasons since 2006. That's insane. Not only is it unlikely he stays healthy, it's possible he won't produce even if he does.

What are you basing Lats being better than Foligno? He had ONE productive 55 game stretch in 2009-10 with one team. That's it. He's never touched Foligno's 47 points, not even close.
40 points is pretty close to 47.
they've put up similar numbers throughout their pro careers, actually. the difference is latendresse has put up over 20 goals. foligno also has had one standout season, so bashing latendresse for having one productive one weakens your argument.
i am a big foligno supporter, but i want to see what latendresse can do before saying we've made a downgrade here. i'm optimistic, due to lats' seemingly better finishing ability.

Again, not talking long term here.
why aren't you? the past is the past and where the players are age-wise is different. kuba won't be exactly the same player he was last year, so arguing he's better now on what happened last year is irrelevant.

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