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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
We know Gaborik isn't long for the Rangers, now. Its safe to assume Nash wasn't only brought in to add scoring depth short term while Gaborik is here, but long term to replace Gaborik after he's traded or his contract expires.

That will eventually free up some cap space, but in the mean time McDonagh and Stepan need contracts, too.

2.5-2.75 is fine. As long as its under 3 million. Del Zotto isn't currently worth that much. He may eventually be worth that and more. But right now he isn't. Sather is right. He needs to sign a two year 2.5-2.75 per contract. Let him earn his pay day.

I'm more concerned about locking in McDonagh and Stepan.

Remember, the cap will be going down from 70 to 64. That's a 6 million drop. With important players needing raises. Nash and Richards aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi, Callahan, Hagelin, Kreider...important players to keep around.

Eventually these players need to realise there isn't enough cap money to go around if they refuse to value themselves correctly based on what the new CBA and new cap structure dictates.

Del Zotto simply isn't worth it to hand out 3 million. What would McDonagh make at that point? 5? He's easily that much more valuable than Del Zotto.

Its time to start setting the future market.

It doesn't matter what players before him got. Old CBA. This is a new era, new CBA. New cap structure. New salary structure. New market. Del Zotto wanted to be paid according to the old structure? Should have extended before the CBA expired. Now he has to deal with new parameters. That's what this whole lockout was about.
been saying this since the deadling.

Get Nash, have to legit shots at the cup, trade Gabby at the 2013 draft for futures.

Still think that is the game plan.

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