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01-13-2013, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by NjDevsRR View Post
I love me some Fayne. He is so consistent that you dont notice him ala Greene!
With the exception of what is being done on the offensive end, this is how I've usually been able to judge how our defensemen are doing. I'll be at a game (or maybe watching on TV) and half way through it I'll stop and think "is _______ playing? I don't think I've noticed him today..." But that's usually because they're so consistent on the defensive end, I'm not noticing them and any potential bad plays. That's part of what I enjoy about Fayne. I don't notice him too much aside from any involvement in the offensive end because he's consistent enough. That's not to say I don't notice great defensive plays or anything. But if you are doing your job back there, you don't necessarily need to make some great notable play on a given shift.

Originally Posted by hlaverty06 View Post
Do you guys think Gionta can maintain his production or we merely captured lightning in a bottle during the playoffs?
I think if he's on the right line, he can definitely maintain his effectiveness. I don't know so much about the offense his line generated in the playoffs. I wouldn't "assume" our 4th line would put up points like that necessarily. But I think with the right guys he can be part of a solid energy/grinding line like they were in the playoffs. Carter/Bernier definitely make good linemates for him. I assume they could keep that chemistry going. But even in a different scenario I can see it still working if its with the right pairing. As long as they don't put him on a line he doesn't belong on (say, a scoring line), he should be fine. Not great, but effective/useful enough to warrant a lineup spot.

Originally Posted by Baggy Spandex View Post
I wouldn't be able to handle Darche on this team. Literally all I think about when I hear his name.
This is so true. At least now that I've seen this post, I won't think anything else from now on.

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