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So we have 2 Center positions. In a normal season, each can be played 82 times because their are 82 games. So you have a total of 164 games played in those 2 center slots. That means you might not want to play your 4th center off the bench because that's one less game your 1st overall pick center can play. The bench in Roto is for depth, not playing every chance you get.

Currently our league is set to 40 games, which means even if you just play your top 2 centers, you'll run out of games early. It should be 48 so if you leave the same player in at the same position all year and he plays every game, you play the exact right number of games.

Now take this for every position. We have 2 Centers, 2 LW, 2 RW, 2 F, 4 D and 2 G. I'm just going to assume we get it switched to 48 max games for this. That means you can play each position this many times. If it stays at 40, they are all 80 and 160 for D.

C: 96
LW: 96
RW: 96
F: 96
D: 192 (because we have 4 of them, each 48 games)
G: 96

The F spot can be filled by any C, LW or RW though. So if you play a guy at C one day and at F the next day, they each only go down by 1. The same goes for players who are listed as more than one position.

Now for goalies, keep in mind that they will not play every game in real life. So you may want to have a 3rd goalie that you play. Though at the same time, goalies have 2 stats that are % based, so only half of their stats actually require a lot of games to add up. Oh, and Yahoo does not count goalie games if they never actually play. So if you know the backup is playing, you don't have to sit your goalie. But if the backup gets pulled and your goalie goes in even for 1 second, it counts as a game played for the goalie.

TLDR: Basically, the point is simply this. Don't play your worst skaters unless its to replace games that your better skaters miss. For every game Dustin Jeffrey plays at center, that's one less game Sidney Crosby can play at center. But every time Crosby misses a game, you want to play someone else a game to make it up. So if you just play guys every time they play, you'll get off to an awesome lead and then run out of games and watch everyone catch up because their best players are playing all of their games.

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