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Originally Posted by SilverSeven View Post
How so? One of the perks is literally a free bag of popcorn.

And yes, I feel entitled to something. If I am a day late on a payment the Sens call me and alert me that if I dont pay now, my next game will be cancelled.

If they are months late I receive nothing, other than the privilege of having thousands of dollars sitting in their bank account. I didnt even have an option to get my damn money back.
You asked when was the last time I gave a movie studio thousands of dollars before the release of a film. My answer was that in relation to my example your pre-paying of season tickets is like buying your movie ticket in advance and then having to wait to see the film.

Did they not send a letter out right at the beginning of the lockout that gave you the options of full refund or leave it in to gain interest? Could be a disconnect between what is said publicly and what is actually said to the STH. Folks here are saying no refund options were offered and they only made 1% interest. Everything I can find says full refund or 5% interest.

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