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Amnesty in the MOU


During the Ordinary Course “Buy-Out” periods following the 2012/13 season and 2013/14 season,
in addition to any other Ordinary Course “Buy-Outs” a Club may elect to effectuate pursuant to
Paragraph 13 of the SPC, Clubs may elect to terminate and “buy-out” the already existing SPCs of
up to two (2) additional Players (in the aggregate over the two (2) years) on a Compliance basis (a
“Compliance Buy-Out”). Such Compliance Buy-Out(s) would be effectuated on the same terms as
are set forth in Paragraph 13 of the SPC, except that the amounts paid under such “buy-out(s)” will
not be charged against the Club’s Cap in any of the years in which the payments are made to the
Player. Amounts paid under such Compliance Buy-Out(s) will, however, be counted against the
Players’ Share during any League Year in which the “buy-out” payments are made. A Player that
has been bought out under these Compliance Buy-Out provisions shall be prohibited from re-joining
the Club that bought him out (via re-signing, Assignment, Waiver claim or otherwise) for the duration of the 2013/14 League Year (if the Player was bought out in 2013) and the 2014/15 League Year (if the Player was bought out in 2014).
Already existing SPCs.

Retained salary

11. Retained Salary
In each Retained Salary Transaction, the percentage allocation
of the retained AA and retained Salary and Bonuses must be the same (i.e., the Salary and Bonus
obligations as between Clubs would be allocated on the same percentage basis as the AA being
allocated) and cannot be altered from year to year. So, for instance, if an assigning Club agrees to
retain 30% of an SPC’s AA over the balance of its term, it will also retain an obligation to reimburse
the acquiring Club 30% of the Player’s contractual compensation (Salary and Bonuses) in each of
the remaining years of the contract
So the Rangers can't retain $ in a Redden deal for 13 and then not retain the same % in 13-14.

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