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Originally Posted by Leafsforlife98 View Post
It's actually not your typical post. You're typical post is Gardiner, Kadri, Bozak and a 1st round pick.

I never said that Duchene isn't worth more then Gardiner, but not as much as some people think and are saying.

Matt Duchene's Career

24 Goals 31 Assists 55 Points
27 Goals 40 Assists 67 Points
14 Goals 14 Assists 28 Points
4 Goals 10 Assists 14 Points in 19 Games in SEL.

He had 4 goals in 19 games playing Sweeden. Wasn't even at a point per game playing against players of inferior talent. And considering the ice is bigger there, he should have been able to blow by guys with his speed.

So Really, his career high is 67 points and he coming off a season in which he had a measly 28 points. Yes, he has potential, there is no denying that, but he has yet to take that next step. And in Colorado, he won't take that next step if O'Reilly and Stastny are ahead of him on the depth chart. His defensive game also isn't that great either.

So To say his value is worth Gardiner, Kadri and a 1st round pick is a joke. Gardiner's value may never be higher than it is today. People thought the Kessel trade was lop sided. If they traded Gardiner, Kadri and a 1st round pick for Matt Duchene, the reception would be worse then the Kessel trade.
You make it sound like his career high of 67 point is not that impressive. Did you know before last season, Kessel's career high was 64 points? 67 points at his age is very impressive. He had a bad year last year, he did. His year was broken up with injuries and he never really found his game. He is also 21. Unless he follows that 28 point performance with something similar this year, I'm not going to judge him off it at all. The Avs will be more than happy to hang on to Duchene and wait for him to reach his potential. The only way a team would get him is if they are massively overpaying. If the Leafs don't wish to do that, fine.

Perhaps to you his value might not be worth Gardiner, Kadri, 1st. Perhaps to all the other teams in the league his value might not be that. But to the Avs? Yes. And quite honestly, I wouldn't even trade Duchene for that package even if it was offered. It does not really fill our needs, and with the uncertainty around ROR, Duchene goes nowhere. Add on to that Duchene's great contract, and the fact he is a life long Avs fan with superstar potential? You don't trade guys like that. I also think you're overrating Gardiner. He had one 30 point season. Look no further than J.M.Liles to see a player who did exactly the same thing. Other players who have already been mentioned in this thread who did that: Meszaros and Ballard. A 30 point rookie season does not guarantee you will be a great player. Is Gardiner's value at its highest? Absolutely. Is it nearly as high as some Leafs fans think? I don't think so. Tell me, how many players enter the league, put up 55 points, then follow that up with 67 points?

From the Avs end, we will happily keep Duchene. We have no reason to trade him. Unless an offer fills our needs, even if it is considered massive overpayment, we won't even consider moving him. Even then, Duchene is literally untouchable until the O'Reilly situation gets resolved.

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