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Originally Posted by pricer502 View Post
I also live in KC, moved here from St.Louis last year. I have time warner cable and most of the games will be on Fox Sports KC. However if their is a scheduling conflict such as Mizzou basketball, mens or womens that always takes priority over the Blues. Also once baseball starts the Blues are never on because the Royals play basically everynight. Anytime the Blues are not on FoxSports KC on time warner you can go to channel 5 which is MetNet. You will find the games here. It sucks it doesn't have HD but its better than nothing. Just curious what brings you to KC? I didn't know we had this many Blues fans out here. We should all get together at a bar somenight to go watch a game.
I saw a vehicle pulling a uhaul trailor last week or the week before and the guy driving was wearing a white early 2000's style Blues jersey here in KC. I honked and gave a thumbs up pointing at my Blues hat but i don't think the guy saw me. (might have been you haha)
Also does anyone living in or near KC play hockey? I am looking for some guys to play roller hockey or ice hockey. There is an ice rink up where i live that has men's league on tuesday nights with several skill divisions.
Haha, that's an awesome story, but sadly it was not me. I moved here to KC about six months ago for a job (working at Garmin). I would definitely be willing to meet up with a bunch of Blues fans at a bar to watch a game or something.

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