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01-13-2013, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Ayatollah Chowmeini View Post
Anyone who doesn't feel bad for him is missing a few key points. Most important is ontological security- the security provided by the sense of self-identity. Gomez, for presumably most of his life, has both defined himself and been defined by others as being very, very good at hockey. His whole sense of self has been built into that identity. And that identity is now being taken from him, quite publicly. Anyone who doesn't feel bad for him doesn't know how awful it can be to be fired, whatever the reason.

Secondly, anyone who doesn't feel bad for him doesn't know how good it feels to play hockey at the highest competitive level. I don't either, but considering how much I enjoyed the challenges of junior hockey and whatnot, I can't imagine enjoying being forced not to play against my will, for circumstances largely beyond my control.
Well, I do feel bad for him and it's for the two reasons you cited.

But there's another reason not to feel bad for him. It's called 'accountability'.

As bad as I feel for the guy (and I really do feel bad for him) he is responsible for this. And I can see why some people wouldn't feel bad for him at all. Huge contract and didn't do what was necessary to keep playing hockey despite every opportunity. That's on him.
Originally Posted by Myron Gaines View Post
Yup, but hockey is business. Gomez is a good guy, has handled everything with class.

Bergevin pretty much summed it up in his PC this morning: "It was a tough decision as a person".
Even that's debatable though. The guy would talk a good game and then do nothing. Is that 'class'? I don't know man... and really what could he say that was negative here? He was given every chance and did nothing. Of course the guy is going to say nice things, he scored 0 goals over 100 games and the team STILL kept playing him, what the heck can he say?

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