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06-16-2006, 06:15 PM
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Warning! RANT. look out. ;)

Originally Posted by velocity
You are not allowed to wear a full cage. it is a rule in the AHL-UHL-NHL--only if injured....
Absolutely crazy rule, as I stated before. If it is for fighting reasons, it's even crazier. Is it to protect the aggressor in an altercation from potentially injuring his fist, while breaking the rules of the game to punch an opponent in the face? If it is for business marketing purposes, it comes at a cost. And, I'll get to the marketing issue below.

Originally Posted by Laus723
, no cages.

Friend's son was 5 or 6 when he started playing hockey. He tripped trying to make a turn and the cage busted his nose. Kinda funny the thing that was supposed to
protect him helped injure him.
I rear-ended someone, and my seatbelt hurt my shoulder a little. Thumbs down! Seriously though, there's 2 comments I have regarding your statement.

1. As mentioned by several others, there's no way this helmet could have been correctly adjusted.

2. Even in the event that the helmet was worn correctly (again, I'm skeptical), this by no means takes away from the advantage of wearing a facemask. Imagine the extent of the injury if there wasn't a facemask? The additional force absorbed by the helmet could have resulted in broken teeth, a broken jaw, perhaps even a serious concussion. Who knows. As mentioned above, I rear-ended someone once, and the shoulder strap of my seatbelt caused some soft tissue damage to my shoulder. Better a sore shoulder than a human cannonball. I would have probably been through the windshield if it wasn't for the seatbelt. It doesn't eliminate the risk of injury, but it drastically minimizes the risk.

Originally Posted by JaskulaR
Try marketing a high level hockey team where the fans can't see a players face. It's impossible. Star recognition is important!

Compare 2 advertising situations side by side:
Would you rather see a poster of a Bobby Hull let's say, blonde hair flowing in the wind as he skates up ice, earning his nickname the 'Golden Jet.'

Or rather Joe Schmoe with his full wire cage looking as anonymous as possible. I think it's obvious which one would draw the attention of your casual eye.

Marketing wise, full cages are a DISASTER (I've done alot of marketing in the USHL where players have the option. Thank God i have an equiptment manager who demands that players do not wear cages.) And the NHL needs as much marketing help as it can get. As long as the players get their OWN insurance for playing, they should be free to wear as little or as much as they want.
Agreed, cages would present a bit of a challenge in terms of marketing. However, as pointed out several times already, look at football! The NFL is a huge success. I don't think facemasks would present as much of a problem as getting people in Southern states to relate to a game played on ice.

Also, think about sports such as NASCAR. During the event, you can't even see the driver, let alone the driver's face. Yet people like Jeff Gordon seem to be fairly well known and recognizeable. It's not impossible.

Originally Posted by Danny__K
For me when wearing a full cage occasionally when i got ran into the boards instead of the helmet absorbing the impact the impact was transfered through the full cage straight into the jaw, increasing the risk of in infact causing a concussion in one instance.
Increasing the risk? I wouldn't say so. It certainly failed to eliminate the risk, but I wouldn't say it increased the risk. Keep in mind, a properly fitted helmet/facemask combo doesn't transfer the force ONLY to the jaw, it is also transferred to the brackets at the sides of the head holding the cage in place, and the top screws on the forehead. Essentially, the point impact on the face is distributed across the entire perimiter of the face. Also, much of that impact is then absorbed by the hard foam chin cup, and the soft foam helmet liner. Needless to say, this greatly reduces the overall impact.

And again, as mentioned above, would the situation have been better if you were not wearing a facemask? I think it would be foolish to assume so. If it was your jaw, cheek, nose, etc making contact with the boards instead of the cage, you almost certainly would have received more serious injuries.

Aside from potential neck injuries related to facemasking, I think it's ludicrous to state that a facemask could actually increase a player's risk. I don't think marketing would be as much of an issue as people think. And facemasks don't make players invincible, but they do minimize injury risk greatly. IMO, the issue is simply a matter of tradition and macho culture - nothing more. I personally think players are crazy to play without a mask, as they're putting their earning potential at risk. I also think it's crazy from the perspective of ownership, as they're risking injury to big investments.

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