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01-13-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Some goon?
How about Z gets up and slashes him on the calf? How about Franzen skates over and drops the gloves.
Z slashing him would have been ok with me b/c it would have sent some sort of message that the Wings weren't going to just take crap from the Preds, as we know it would have ended up with all the players on both teams in one giant scrum, no harm done (kinda like those NBA "altercations" where 2 guys jaw at each other while making no real effort to get to the other guy). But asking Franzen to drop the gloves? Come on, Z knows that he has a better chance of Babcock rushing the ice to go after Weber in that situation than Franzen doing something.

This team didn't answer the bell last year. It hasn't for a couple years now.
And that's a culture issue. Justin Abdelkader gets his face punched in a couple times a year. I remember when Kostsopolous elbowed Stuart in the face and nobody on the Red Wings even touched him.

This team needs push back. Hockey isn't just skating, passing and shooting.
The Ghandi-pacifist routine is okay when you have a lethal PP, but we haven't had that for a while now. The Kostopolous shot on Stuart still bothers me b/c it was so cheap, and Abdelkader was on the ice and did NOTHING. It's not like Abby in the box for 5 would have crippled our offense, so he needed to take care of business. Hopefully Tootoo will be more likely to answer the bell when needed.

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