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Originally Posted by mbhhofr View Post
The Carl Brewer Rule: Players can't cut the palms out of their gloves.... He used to cut the palms out of his gloves and when standing in front of his net, covering an opposing player, he would hold the opponents stick with his bare hand, while the fingers of his glove would hang down making it appear to the referee that he wasn't holding the stick.
Ya, that was Referee Vern Buffey who caught on to Brewers Shenanigans in that department, though in Brewers defence (pun intended) it wasnt completely by design. According to legend, he simply preferred the feel of his bare hand on his stick, as back in the day with the all leather gloves & palms, depending on the make and quality breaking them in could take time. Some guys simply preferring bear skin on the stick or in the boot of their skate, no socks (Orr & countless 1000's more over the years).

That it had provided the further benefit of "cheating" a tad was just an offshoot, happenstance, and one Brewer decided to employ quite liberally until finally being shutdown. Something he'd done since his Junior days, one year being handed a pair of gloves that appeared to have been retrieved from a grave on King William Island containing one of the poor souls who expired during the Sir John Franklin Expedition to the Northwest Passage in Eighteen Hundred and Forty Five. In near mint condition.

Why waste em' mbh? A slash here, a snip there, good to go.

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