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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
We aren't built entirely with no lose deals either so I don't get your point. What were the big risks taken by LA or Boston?

PS: I'm not against him taking risks. I also disagree with the safety of the Neal/Goligoski trade. It wasn't Hossa risky. But it was every bit of Kunitz/Whitney riskey.
LA dealt Jack Johnson for Jeff Carter in the HOPE that Voynov was ready for a significant playoff role. THAT deal was like the Whitney for Kunitz and Tangradi deal. You're HOPING something works out as part of the equation (namely, that Letang steps up).

Boston, if memory serves, moved Wideman for Horton in the hope that other young defensemen could fill the void, no?

What was the HOPE in the Gogogoski deal at the time? That Neal could score 30 with Sid or Geno? Nobody doubted that. That Gologoski's contribution couldn't be replaced? Again, on a fully healthy roster, he was the #5 defenseman on the depth chart.

EDIT: And, again, I'll ask the question: How were the Pens different in 2008 versus last season? Sid coming back from injury, needing wingers. The defense needed a stay at home presence. In 2008, Shero went for it. Last year? Anyone? Heck, even look at 2010. Maybe you can argue 'the guys weren't available', but this idea that Shero has taken ONE risk of his own volition since the Pens won the cup is belied by the record.

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