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01-13-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
That's the point, you traded a struggling 5th overall pick for a struggling 2nd overall pick, who was initially less valued than Schenn. Also most of JVRs struggles are injury related while it seemed Schenn went off the rails because Wilson didn't do his development any good.

That said, at the moment JVR is more valuable than Schenn. The fact that LSchenn is BSchenn's brother got Holmgren to overpay, just like the fact that EStaal is JStaal's brother got Rutherford to give up way more than JStaal is worth.

For comparison, look at Alzner. 5th overall in a weaker draft, much less hype coming in than Schenn. At 18 Schenn is rushed into the NHL and has a good season, Alzner is brought along slowly but steadily with tons of time in the minors. As a result now he's a legitimate top pairing defensive defenseman and a much better player than Schenn.
Not burke's fault, he wasnt there when schenn made the team. I think had burke been GM then, schenn wouldnt have made the team. I cant really prove this but I dont think that there has ever been an 18yo that made the team under burke (could be wrong though)
Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
Everyone says how horrible he is. He is hardly overrated.
Agreed. Just go through this thread. Outside of leaf fans, all I read is "he will never have a job again". Hardly overrated imo.
Originally Posted by guyzeur View Post
I'm not so sure he is an elite trader. I know he was able to take huge amount of salary back in some trades because the Leafs are loaded.

I would like to see him a smaller market.
Burke sucked balls in his UFA signings in toronto, but at trading he was amazing.

The Kessel deal sucked, but had he properly estimated his team and UFA signings (Komi, Beauch) those picks would have been 2 8-12 picks (like TSN, SNET, ESPN estimated us to finish). That would have been a good trade.

Putting that aside though, look at some of the other trades he made
Beauchimen for Lupul +Gardiner
Phaneuf + (Ashton) +Sjoestrom for White, Stajan, Hagman, and someone else
Schenn for JVR
Kaberle for 1st, 2nd, Colborne
2nd from kaberle deal for Liles (who is better than kaberle)
Lebda and slaney for Franson and Lombardi
Toskola +Blake for Giguere
Stalberg + Didomenico +Paradis for a 1st +3rd (Basically Im combining the two versteeg deals)

Seguin will be a similarly elite player to kessel, so we lost hamilton and knight. But I think he made up for that when you consider the acquisitions of Phaneuf, Gardiner, Lupul, etc.

But everyone is entitled to their opinion, so you can think what you like. My problem is whenever someone thinks of burke, they just think about the kessel trade and his media banter. He has done so much more than that. Many people also call him a clown, but he has made huge initiations to support gay rights, has slept on the streets to raise money for the homeless, and has forced all his players to make charities and get involved in the community. Next team will be happy with him and Im very sad that we lost him.

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