Thread: News Article: Leblanc's struggles in Hamilton
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01-13-2013, 01:58 PM
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First off, I do believe SOME of what Jeremy reported. His close friends AND probably one or two players were his sources. He did say that he had the info verified in Hamilton and close to home.

Now, are the coaches really on his back? Don't think so. I think they feel he's not 100% committed to hockey...which, frankly, has been a problem of his (and his family) over the years. His Harvard stint was all about that. His family (not every member of his family are hockey nuts to say the least...think more of the cerebral/intellectual type) had much influence on him there. And I think they still do. And as for the rubber elastics, who cares. When your skating skills aren't the best and you get some Power skating courses, you get those. I've seen pros get some skating lessons with a russian lady in Montreal using the elastics. That's much ado about nothing (probably from a family member).

The only part that gets to me is a comment made by Filosa today on radio. He mentioned Brisebois and the fact that he had blown a gasket already on some players on TV (my guess was when he was on TVA), and that the comments he had made at the time were eerily similar to what has been reported regarding Leblanc. Filosa thus hinted that Brisebois MIGHT be one who gave it to Leblanc. If true, not cool from a guy that's supposed to help players.

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