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01-13-2013, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
This posts sounds eeriely similar to the EDM signs Cam Barker thread that i just read. Only it was "We have an organization filled with youth, so hopefully this will take some of the pressure on Barker and he can perform to the potential he has shown. He is only 25 and is only 3 years removed from a 40 point season. If he sucks, we can send him down. How is this a terrible move?" I don't know if you can find an Oiler fan today, that says it wasn't a terrible move for them.

This is the 3rd NHL team to give him a chance. 3rd times a charm?

If you have been following my convo with DtS, it is been debating his effect on the Wolves and that is one of my biggest concerns. I simply do not want him on the Wolves. He is not a good player at the AHL level. Several people have chimed in saying things to the same effect, but no one is listening.
The Oilers gave Barker $2.2mil with designs of him being a top 4 dman. Barker very well would be #10 on the Canucks depth chart if Luongo returns a depth defender. Apples and oranges.

Would Barker get an NHL contract if he was not a decent AHL defender? Something tells me this is just another case of Barker not getting the same benefit of the doubt by fans as the prospects like Polasek, Sauve, Connauton get. I have a feeling an AHL coaching staff will think higher of Barker than fans do. Not unlike a veteran like Ebbett being roundly criticized while a Mallet gets praised, even though Ebbett is considerably better. People can't help but be bias when watching our farm team. You're often willing to look on the bright side of a prospect, whereas veteran AHL'ers aren't afforded that same luxury. Coaches just want to win games - hence they play the players they deem the best. And we say they're biased to the veterans...

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