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Originally Posted by Maxwell Goldshadow View Post
I have the roster set to 24 players.

4 C
4 LW
4 RW
6 D
2 G

2 IR
2 Bench-spots

As I've said, I can still change these and the point ratings before the draft. I'd love some feedback, as this is my first time doing a fantasy league.
That roster with a 16 team league is going to be insane.

Just to clarify, that means that you have 4 centers starting every day. Average team will probably have 5 centers including one of the bench spots, oofduh.

We'll have to plunder teams' actual third lines We would have to take every player on every NHL team's first, second, and third lines by the end of the draft. And possibly some 4th line players.

Now I'm not saying that's terrible, but it can be tough with a league this big.

I'm not saying we should do this instead, but most hockey leagues I've done in the past run something like:

4Bench, sometimes 6bench.

Doing that, if we do a 16 team league, the top two lines of every team in the NHL will be chosen, which is okay, and then you'll have some real life 3rd line guys. Which can be a bit problematic, but manageable.

Rather than having a team with guys like recently traded Anthony Stewart or someone like Kassian, the worst guys on your team will be someone like Clutterbuck or Mitchell.

Having a bigger bench can also encourage people to take fliers in late rounds on some rookies. Like Yakupov or Granlund or Galchenyuk or something.

Just my $.02. And Puhis, I do not mean to offend you or anything. If this does, I am truly, truly sorry. Being a commissioner is hard. I did it in the Wild's football league this year and wow It's more than I was expecting.

EDIT: Also, most leagues don't do hits or blocked shots, typically because it varies from arena to arena, and it's been statistically shown that arenas like Minnesota and the Islander's place award hits far more than any other team, so if you've got a player on either team you already get an up in those categories. I'm not saying those should be dropped, but maybe consider it? Otherwise your point awarding stuff looks great.

I just looked at your idea for having 6 defensemen on a team. That can be problematic as well. In leagues I've played in that have 4 slots for D, usually half the teams in the league don't run with 4 defesemen on their roster. I usually have 5, but that's because I have such a large bench most of the time. A lot of people only have 3 D, so they can have an extra bench spot for a forward. In most leagues, D don't really do much. You get guys like Karlsson or Suter or Weber, but most of the time your 3rd or 4th picked defender on your team are guys like Paul Martin or someone of that caliber. Having to choose six defenders, you'd have guys like Scandella or Brodin on your team. Those probably aren't the worst examples ever, but it's...goofy? Sorry.

I really feel like I am nitpicking here, and I am not even an expert. I've only played fantasy hockey for 3 seasons now. And I've only done 6-7 leagues all together. Its just that some things and some ideas just aren't very common in my experience.

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