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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
That roster looks good to me.

Not sure what rotisserie means. Head to head is probably what most people want. I've seen head to head done two ways.

The first, is the way you have set up. As an example, say I play you. The calendar starts on monday and ends on sunday.

My team, from monday to sunday, gets 120 points. Your team, from monday to sunday, gets 130 points. You win the week. Your record is then 1-0, mine is 0-1.

The other is categories. I feel like this can be more fun, but that's just me. Categories that I've played with are Goals, Assists, Goalie Wins, Goalie Save Percentage, Goalie Shutouts, Game Winning Goals, +/-, PIM, Poweplay Points, Goalie Goals against average.

So from monday to sunday, all my players play and everything they get is added up. At the end of the week, my team has netted 30 goals, 20 assists, 5 wins, a 2.30%, 0 shutouts, 2 GWG, +/- of 6, 10PIM, 1PPP, and a GAA of 3.

Your team ends up with 35 goals, 15 assists, 6 wins, 2.5%, 1 shutout, 1GWG, +/- of -5, 30PIM, 1PPP, and a GAA of 2.

Final results are based on who won what categories. There are 10 categories, so you can win 10 possible fields. You won in Goals, wins, shutouts, PIM. I won in Assists, Save percentage, +/-, GWG, and GAA. We tied in Powerplay points. So my record at the end of the week is: 5-4-1, yours would be 4-5-1.

Every week it compounds on top of each other and so on and so on. I prefer the categories set up, but that's just me. I can have fun either way.
Categories sounds fun, but I think I'm going to poll it. It's not a dictatorship after all.

EDIT: forgot that only mods can add polls to existing threads. FEEEEEELIIIIIX! We need you!

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