Thread: Proposal: Ryan O'Reilly to the Leafs
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01-13-2013, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Avsare1 View Post
Like this should be noted for ALL Leafs fans, you're simply overvaluing your players a tonne, and/or undervaluing other teams players.

You're offering Gardiner straight up for Oreilly, and complaining when us Avs fans say its not close, we guess what, ever other fan base agrees with us.

A Florida Panthers fan just made a thread proposing a straight up swap of Oreilly for Kulikov. Kulikov holds a tonne more value then Gardiner, and obviously he and Oreilly in the eyes of a Panthers fan hold similar value.

So no, Gardiner is not even close to the value of Oreilly. Just go look at all the other threads, its been repeated many times.
Id agree that Kulikov holds more value than Gardiner, but a ton is stretching it by a lot....

Difference is ~6 points when you prorate it

ES TOI is roughly the same, Gardiner has almost a minute more PK TOI while Kulikov has almost a minute more PP TOI

Kulikov had one of the worst +/- on his team (tied for 4th last, -5 on a team that was -24) while Gardiner was 11th (-2 on a team that was -33)

Kulikov had a higher QoC and CorsiRELQoC however, Gardiner had a higher Corsi REL (more shots for than against while he was on the ice)

Kulikov started in the defensive zone most the time, however most of his shifts ended with him in the defensive zone as well while the opposite is true for Gardiner (started mostly in offensive zone, but finished most of the shifts in the defensive zone).

The value is not that off.....

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