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01-13-2013, 03:55 PM
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I don't like the penalty for trading on the clock at all. If we are giving GMs a certain amount of time each pick then they should be allowed to use that time however they see fit. There's absolutely no difference between someone using their entire clock to try to make a trade and using the clock to do research or to do some other non-ATD activity. Why is the person that's trading punished, but not the guy who waits till the last minute to do his player research or the guy who doesn't log on all day to see if it's his turn? There is a wide array of activities that hold up the draft...only one of them comes with a penalty. There's no solution, we just have to put trust in our fellow GMs to make their picks in a timely manner.

As a compromise, their should at least be a window in which trading is allowed. If someone is able to get a deal done without using an excessive amount of their clock then who cares? Either put a set time limit on it (within the first two hours), or base it on the total clock length (no penalty if the trade is made before 25% of your clock has elapsed).

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