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01-13-2013, 03:56 PM
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You can make a big contribution without the puck in the offensive zone. You talked about parking in front of the net so I am assuming that you are a forward????
A lot of people are saying to keep moving. I don't really coach kids to move for the sake of moving. Move, but move for a reason. Move to a good spot for receiving a pass and taking a quality shot. Move to set a screen for the puck carrier. Move to screen the goalie. Or you can move to a place that will do nothing except take a defender with you to open up ice for a teammate. A common setup in the offensive zone is a guy in the high slot and a guy on the far post from the puck carrier. I like to rotate out of that position with my two forwards. I have my high guy back down to the far post which usually brings his defender with him and opens up the slot. Then my guy who was low reads the puck carrier and either stays put to leave the puck carrier room to move into the open slot or rotates up real quick to receive a pass and shoot.
If you play with the same line most of the time talk to them and try and work as a group so no matter who "A", "B or "C" are you know what to do and what the others will do.
Moving just for the sake of moving or moving to an open spot is a waste of time and energy. I had a kid last year (High School Varsity) whine all the time about being open and nobody would ever pass to him. I explained to him 100 times that he is open because he is in a place that nobody needs to cover him like the half wall on the opposite side of the puck, or above the faceoff circles.
So come up with a plan with your teammates and work as a unit. Not sure of your skill level so I won't get into cycling the puck, but that is another option as well.

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