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Originally Posted by PJ StockBB View Post
why are we leaving out those guys? they're both tough guys and would certainly be physically involved in any Bruins-Sabres game. plus Chara, even though not being a highly skilled fighter, neautalizes scott and lets everyone else fight a lesser opponent.
Chara's fought five times in the past three seasons, and Jody Shelly's been his only heavyweight opponent. While Chara/Scott is a pretty even matchup, I don't think it will be consistent enough to prevent Thornton/Scott from happening as well, and Thornton's habit of running around with impunity against the Sabres in the recent past will likely put him in Scott's sights.

Regehr only really fought because he was the closest thing to a heavy with Gaustad occupied or McCormick concussed. I think the presence of Scott, Foligno and Ott will insulate him a bit more than last season.

Chara-Scott--it's been debated at nauseam who would win, until it happens I'm saying draw
Thornton-McCormick--McCormick has fought him tough before, but Thornton is the proven better fighter, edge Thornton
McQuaid-Kaleta--edge McQuaid imo, but a close fight. kaleta is underrated
Boychuk-Foligno--very intrigued by foligno, but until he fights someone tough in the NHL edge Boychuk
Ference-Ott--edge Ference. Ference is very underrated and when he fights guys his size he almost always wins
No real arguments with the analysis, although some of the matchups are kinda iffy. I'd put money on Scott/Thornton happening as much or more than Chara/Scott, for example, although I understand why you have that scrap as a thing.

don't know if I'm missing anyone else from buffalo. MacDermid has a strong chance at making the Bruins this year and he would be tied with McQuaid for the fourth best fighter on the Bruins.

either way buffalo is tough, one of the toughest teams in the league. they might not have the high end fighters at the top to match the Bruins but they might be the only team that has the same fighting depth as the Bruins. they are a tough team this year and should start to get more respect. but the Bruins are still the tougher team
I actually think it might be more the other way around. Scott is more than capable of pulling double duty against Chara and Thornton, but Boston's depth is freakin nuts. McQuaid + Boychuk getting to pick their spots is something no other team in the league can boast. With everyone healthy (a rarity in McCormick and Kaleta's case), Buffalo can attempt to match that, but they still have mismatches like Kaleta/McQuaid built into the fabric of their games.

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