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01-13-2013, 04:49 PM
Mike McDermott
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Alright fitness gurus I need some advice:

I am going to be starting an at home work out routine sometime later this week. My schedule is odd though. I work 2-3 opens (~7-5), 2 closes (2-11) and if I only work 2 opens my fifth day is a mid (~11-8). So I won't really have the ability to work out at the same time every day even though that would be my preference.

My question is will this affect my work our results if my time of working out is varied daily or do I need to bite the bullet and wake up early (~5:30) daily to be able to work out at the same time daily to get better results?
I'm not totally against getting up early minus the mornings after I close. Especially since after working all night it isn't exactly easy to get to sleep right away after getting home.

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