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01-13-2013, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I am one of the people on this board who is bullish on Lars Eller, so I don't think losing Plekanec will take years to recover.
If it takes years to recover from a loss of a player of Plekanec's stature then this fanchise is in far worse shape that I thought it was.

The moon doesn't rise and fall with this guy any more than it did with Koivu (another guy we should've dealt away) and dealing him will HELP us not hurt us win a cup. TP can help some other team that's actually a contender now to win a cup. He won't win one with us so we might as well trade him while he has some decent value and build from there.

Our other GMs never learned this lesson. Hopefully Bergevin has more insight.
Originally Posted by AntonCH View Post
Shortened season, anybody can catch lightening in a bottle
What I hope MB does is give it 10-12 games, see how we come out of the gate and then decide.
Calling for a tank before the puck drops to start the season is foolhardy.
I wouldn't worry too much about it. If he were going to seriously rebuild we'd have see signs of it already. You'll get your 10-12 games for sure.
Originally Posted by AntonCH View Post
As far as dealing vets, you have to keep some, someone has to show the young guys the way.
If I were dealing, Gionta, Bourque and Cole at the top of the list, then Plekanec only if we decide that Desharnais is part of the solution(I'm not convinced). Personally, i'd let Markov retire a Hab if he so desired.
Why let Markov retire instead of trading him? Do him a favour and give him a chance to win a cup somewhere. He's not Larry Robinson (another guy we let walk for nothing) and I don't see any reason to squander him as an asset. That kind of thinking has really hurt this franchise over the years.

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