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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
No one had time to oppose it. VanI made a unilateral decision to PM him and twenty minutes later the draft order was released. I would have VEHEMENTLY stopped it had I been online.
Not true. Go back to the sign-up thread about post 180 and notice exactly what happened at what time in what order:

First, someone posted that we should get a draft order right away and that the voting poll won't interfere. Second, I posted I will contact spitfire11 to do his traditional name drawing from a hat. Third, I posted that I had PM'd him. Fourth, TDMM said the trading decisions should be decided first. Fifth, OVER EIGHT HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES PASSED. Sixth, spitfire11 came online and said he will post the draft order in a few minutes. Seventh, two other posters (not me) cheered him on. Eighth, the draft order was posted by spitfire11.

There was no fast move made. It was all in response to the requests of GMs and in line with past practice. Lots of time passed. If it was so important to TDMM he could have asked spitfire11 to stop or ask me to PM him back to not do it (so many hours passed between the point that TDMM raised a concern and spitsfire came online to post).

Now, if you want TDMM, simply do some new polls. You say you want to start the draft the last week of January. That gives you two weeks to do a couple of new polls (should spits list be used or a new randomized list made). There is no hurry on the time schedule you want. Go for it. Of course, if someone objects, there could be another poll to decide on when to start the draft...

There was a time when it was standard practice to proceed to draft order right after the number of teams to join has been reached. And time clocks started two to three days after that. But, the times they are a changin'. It's not like it used to be around here. Fine. Figure out how you want to do things.

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