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Originally Posted by PG Canuck View Post
When I was hit in hockey and my shoulder popped out, to this day I'm still feeling effects from it but I can still partake in hockey and daily activities. Some days I can barely lift my arm to a certain height (like Kes) but it doesn't effect me while I play hockey. I didn't have shoulder surgery, so I'm not comparing my injeuy to Kesler's, but the effect after the injury is somewhat similar.

I never really took the comment of Kesler being unable to raise his arm above his shoulder as a terrible setback and still don't. I feel it's really nothing to even worry about. He has the best doctors, trainers and what not, I think he just needs some time to work his shoulder.
I don't have that much faith in the Canucks trainers after letting Mason Raymond skate off of the ice with a broken back.

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