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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Honestly I fail to see what seperates Hickey from Quincey...if anything Hickey has a much better resume than Quincey to this point compared to when he was claimed...

I'm not saying that Hickey will for sure be claimed, or that he neccessarily is as good a Quincey, but let's no pretend that everybody knew Quincey and even Grabner for that matter were all that talented...but the point remains that these are not players that the teams wanted to lose, but they got claimed anyways, there is no gentleman's agreement to avoid claiming players teams want to keep...the way to prevent teams from snaking other team's prospects is that the claiming team must keep them on the roster. So if some team feels Hickey can play in the NHL for them, they will claim.
We shall agree to disagree, there are plenty of players around the league that can play on not so great teams that get waived; and yet somehow don't get claimed.

I guess that just happens...on it's own....

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